Fri. 14th Nov. 「RISING FESTIVAL Vol.2 -GET INTO THE GROOVE-」ALL CITY STEPPERS To perform!! VISION FACTORY Mobile Member Early Registration starts!!2014.09.24

The ALL CITY STEPPERS are set to perform at「RISING FESTIVAL Vol.2 -GET INTO THE GROOVE-」, to be held at Akasaka BLITZ on Friday 14th November

VISION FACTORY Mobile Member Ticket sales will be held ahead of the regular sales (which start 1st November)

For those interested, read the following carefully before applying.


【Date】14th Friday November

【Venue】Akasaka BLITZ(Tokyo Minato-ku Akasaka 5-chome 3)

【Time】 5:30 PM OPEN / 6:30 PM START

【Performers】LIFriends/Kota Shinzato/ALL CITY STEPPERS/Toshihiro Nobuyama/Rikiya Taguchi

【Ticket Price】 4,500 yen (Includes Tax・Free seating・Includes waiting ticket)

※4 years and older require ticket. 2 years old and under not permitted.

※Entrance will be in order of waiting tickets, however, waiting tickets will be void after OPEN time

【Ticket Shipping fee】700 yen(Including tax) per performance

【Restrictions】Up to 4 tickets per person

※Successful candidates will need to pay via post-office

【Application period】Wed. 24th September 5:00 PM~Wed. 1st Oct. 11:59 PM

【Results announced】Scheduled for Thurs. 2nd Oct. 6:00 PM

【Payment period】Thurs. 2nd Oct.~Tues. 14th Oct. As indicated on envelope

【Precautions】※Make sure to read

〈From Application to results〉

※Only 1 application per person. If in case of multiple applications, we will choose only 1 to be valid
※Make sure to take note of the number tickets ordered.

※Unable to cancel after application has been completed.

※If number of applications exceeds the number of tickets, selections will not be in application order.

To successful applicants、an email regarding payment details will be sent around Thurs. 2nd October 6:00 PM

※Selection email will be sent from【】. Make sure to set your mail settings to be able to receive your email.

Once successful, payment will be required via Post-bank by Tues. 14th Oct.

※Waiting ticket will be selected randomly

※For those who are physically disabled, or use a wheelchair, please contact【】once you have received your email

※Ticket cannot be prepared together with other Mobile Members.

〈From Selection to ticket shipping〉

※No payment after the payment date will be accepted under any circumstances. If a delayed payment occurs, a refund of the amount after transaction fees have been applied will be returned.

※Once selected, make sure to make the payment. Do not make changes to the ballot details without consent.

※Ticket payment will only be accepted via Post-Office. Transaction fees required at the post office will come separately. Electronic payments and bank transfers will be void.

※If a larger amount than required is transferred, a partial refund will not be available.

※Ticket shipping is planned for 10 days before the performance. Once the tickets have been shipped, an announcement will be made on VISIONFACTORY Mobile Site.

If the ticket(s) have not arrived 5 days prior to the performance, contact 【】immediately. No refunds will be available for claims of unarrived tickets after the event has finished

※Once the ticket(s) have arrived, make sure to confirm the number of tickets. Ticket(s) will not be re-published under any cirsumstances.

※If a change in address occurs, make sure to contact【】.

※VISION FACTORY will not be responsible for any trouble caused by re-sales, ownership transfers, or trades.

※Any notifications prior to the performance will be announced on VISION FACTORY Mobile Site.

【Prohibition of re-sales】

Any re-sales aimed for monetary profit is prohibited. Providing tickets for the purpose of re-sales is also not permitted under any circumstances. If in the case that re-sale activity is found (including internet auctions), the related Mobile Member account will be revoked. In the case of transferring ownership to a friend or acquaintance, make sure no form of re-sale activity will be conducted.

If you have any questions, inquire at【】

<<Applications here>> 

※Available for Mobile, Smartphone