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'w-inds. 15th Anniversary LIVE TOUR 2016 “Forever Memories”' in Hong Kong tour decided2016.09.06


 New single「In Love With The Music」commemoration release Mini Live & handshake event at Tokyo Dome City LaQua Garden Stage2015.05.01
 【Radio】「OH! HAPPY MORNING」2015.04.30
 「I'll be there」making video gone public!2015.04.28
 w-inds. FAN CLUB LIVE TOUR 2015~MATASETANA!!~”Seven Eleven x Memoca-pia” Vol.2 on sale2015.04.28
 【TV】Keita Tachibana:「Cho Ryuha」2015.04.24
 New Single "I'll be there" on sale!2015.04.24
 【TV】Keita Tachibana:「Cho Ryuha」2015.04.23
 【Magazine】 Keita Tachibana:JUNON2015.04.23
 【Radio】Ryuichi Ogata:「Active Life」2015.04.23
  Received the "Asian Most Influential Japanese Singer" award at the "19th China Music Award"2015.04.17
 Credit list of new single "In Love With The Music" released on Wed. June 10th 20152015.04.11
 Has been nominated for「Asian Most Influential 」 for 19th China Music Awards!!2015.04.06
 Announcement of office relocation2015.03.31
 “Shinsei WASABOYS- TV SHOW” has been set for a one time UST Show!!!2015.03.26
 The customary ”Pia memorial card” will be starting a new service, ”Seven Eleven x Memoca-pia” will be comming to w-inds.!2015.03.19
w-inds. FAN CLUB LIVE TOUR 2015~MATASETANA!!~3/20 Nagoya Civic Assembly Hall regarding tickets sold on performance day.2015.03.19
 2015/5/8(Fri) ALL CITY STEPPERS, Set to perform a OTODAMA Sora FES 2015~Summer, Pre-festival~2015.03.19