Frequently Asked Questions

Changing registered information

QI moved. What should I do?
A You can confirm, revise, or change your address, e-mail address, etc., from the members page yourself at any time. Please go here to do so. Please note that we do not accept any address changes by e-mail or post.
After changing your address, please be sure to submit a change of address to your nearest post office.

Non-arrival of e-mail

Qe-mail from "" does not arrive.
AInformation e-mails from the fan club are sent from the e-mail address【】.If you use specified domain reception on your cell phone or smart phone, please change the settings to receive e-mails from 【】. If using a PC, please check the settings of your spam folder, etc. There are also many cases of people who have signed up with a mistake in their e-mail address at the time of registration resulting in the e-mail not arriving. Even a single wrong character will cause the mail to fail to arrive, so please be careful. If using a cell phone or smart phone and there is no mistake in the registered e-mail address but the mail still does not arrive, we recommend that you consider changing to a PC address.

Membership period

QHow long am I a member from joining " "? (What is the membership period? )
AThe day of your payment is your "sign-up day", and the valid period of your membership is 1 year from the last day of your sign-up month. After that, it will be necessary to conduct procedures to continue it. You can confirm your membership period on My Page.


QI want to withdraw from "".
AUnless you perform the procedures to continue membership, you will automatically be withdrawn. If for some reason you want to withdraw before your membership expires, please contact "". We will then ask you for your membership number and membership information to confirm your identity. Please note that when withdrawing during the membership period you cannot receive a refund of the sign-up fee or annual fee.
QPlease tell me the address for fan letters and presents.
APlease send fan letters or presents for w-inds, or your opinions, requests, etc., regarding "" to the following address.
Jingu-mae 214 Building 303, 2-14-19 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0001  Attn: ""
※Please note that we cannot guarantee a reply to fan letters.


Inquiries to the w-inds. official fan club ""
【Inquiry form】

・We respond to questions via e-mail as necessary, but it may take around 1 week to do so.
・We strictly forbid the unauthorized reproduction or quoting of the reply contents.
・Please note that we do not necessarily guarantee a reply to all inquiries.